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Pawlowski Pinball LLC - Orlando, FL

We are a new pinball machine startup in Orlando, FL focusing on unique and lower priced pinball machines, for those who don't want to break the bank to buy a pinball machine. Our high level goal with this company from the beginning was: Make Pinball Affordable. Our target pricing is $1800 + shipping.

In order to do this we had to start backwards, figuring out how to re-design every single part: brackets, coils, springs, plunger rods, switches, circuit boards....everything. This, along with more lightweight cabinets, smaller displays, and using less metal parts, also makes shipping our product to you cheaper.

We've been asked many times why we don't increase our price. The answer is simple. We want to release something that we would have been able to afford over the years. We are also not limiting our production runs to a specific number of units. We want everyone to have an affordable pinball machine.

Designer Adam Pawlowski has spent the last decade in the digital world of gaming, having worked on videogames such as The Sims, PGA Golf, Madden Football, NBA2K, Killing Floor 2, Maneater and others. He is now focusing his time in the analog world of pinball machines.

Thanks, and stay tuned in 2022!